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List your holiday home or vacation rental for free with no set up fees whatsoever. are more than just hotels. We are on the lookout for any property to list for free on our website. We want  houses, cottages, boats, apartments, villas, condos or any other unique property. Set up is easy with 24/7 help along the way during the listing process.

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  • Your place, your rules – Choose your prices, policies and rules for your guests.
  • We’ve got your back – Access to 24/7 support and guest misconduct reporting
  • Find your perfect match – Set requirements and criteria guests must fulfil
We don’t charge guests. We don’t add anything onto the price unlike other platforms which often charge guests. The price you set is the price we display and what is paid by the person who books.

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We give you the freedom to open or close your property on our site whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, you’re in control of your property. You can also use alongside other providers who you are listed with giving you full exposure worldwide.
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